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Alfalfa Hay

At Boyd Farms we offer pure 100% Alfalfa Hay, cut on a 28 day cycle to ensure optimum quality and feed value. All of the hay is cut from our own fields using the latest in harvesting equipment and techniques. This allows us to closely monitor every aspect of the process and provide you with the highest grade hay available. Lab testing is available by request.


Small Bales: 65 lbs. average two string - All Premium Quality


Large Square Bales 3x4x8


•Premium Horse Quality Hay
•Great Hay (Dairy Quality)
•Good Hay (Light Rain or Dew)


Prices vary according to market conditions, please contact for more details.


Hay can be picked up on site or delivered. Delivery is done via Semi-Trucks with
loads up to 26-30 tons per truck.


*Oat Hay currently available in Large Bales